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General Description
Moldova is a small, densely populated country that has been independent since 1991. It is situated in the South Eastern Europe, north of the Balkan Peninsula. With an area of 33,700 square kilometres (about 12,600 square miles), it stretches 350 km from North to South and 150 km from East to West. In the North and East Moldova borders Ukraine and in the West borders Romania.

The country’s topography is diverse, ranging from a steppe area in the North and South, to forested and mountainous highlands up to 400 metres in elevation in the centre of the country. This area retains its ancient name Codru, meaning “old forest”. These beautiful forests continue to hold great environmental importance. The underground water reserve, mostly drinkable water, is estimated at 200 million cubic metres. The soil is black earth (chernozem) and is rich in humus. An extremely favourable combination of climatic and soil conditions creates high yields of cereals, grapes, tobacco, fruit and vegetables.

Political System
The Republic of Moldova has been an independent State since 27 August 1991. The Constitution dates from 29 July 1994. The Parliament is unicameral, with 101 members and is elected for four years. The Constitutional form is that of a Parliamentary Republic. Parliament elects the President who then nominates the Prime Minister. Cabinet ministers, selected by the Prime Minister, have to be approved by Parliament before
taking up office. The latest elections took place in March 2005. The current President is Vladimir Voronin.

The official language of the country is Moldovan (equivalent to Romanian), although Russian is also commonly spoken. The language uses the Latin alphabet and is part of the Romance language family. In addition, many Moldovans speak English and/or French, and business is often conducted in one of these two languages.

Investing and Business in Moldova 2007 - Report of Pricewaterhouse Coopers

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Worldwide governance indicators - 1996 - 2006

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